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"Dogs leave paw prints on your heart! Let's clean them up!"


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Do you consider your pet your "K-9 Kid?" Do you sign your pet's name to greeting cards?

Do you talk to your pet and know that he understands you? Do you feel guilty when you have to leave your pet at the SPA?

No bones about it... at Barks & Tales we understand what is to be a pet owner and have that kind of love for your pet.

That's why we have created the same safe, loving and caring environment that you provide at home with an artistic SPA experience. Your pet becomes part of the Barks & Tales family so we can be their home away from home when they can't be with you even if it is for a couple of hours.
At Barks & Tales our pet loving staff will ensure that your pet has the most enjoyable experience possible while they are away from you, their loving parent. You can relax and be guilt free knowing that your pet will be comfortable, happy and well cared in your absence.

Once your pet has a Barks & Tales experience they will be barking to come back!